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Video Brochure Cards with 4.3inch screen 350g coated paper

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  • Video Brochure Cards with 4.3inch screen 350g coated paper
  • Video Brochure Cards with 4.3inch screen 350g coated paper
Video Brochure has became mainstream in these two years. It is widely used in all industries for the publicity and promotion of all products and services. It is a good gadget for advertising and promotion. As a creative marketing tool, it is proved to be very effective in its initial goal to effectively and directly reach the consumers. and it is the best-ever successful tool in the marketing world.
video brochure can be a publicity stunt. A moving, speaking ad in a magazine is far more likely to grab reader's attention than static, silent words and pictures.
It utilizes ultra-thin LCD screen technology, built into just about any marketing media.

Product Specification
Switch: Magnetic switch or ON/OFF button switch
LCD Screen size: 4.3 inch
Function Control Buttons (Available If Required): 1 x ON/OFF Button, 1 x Volume down, 1 x Volume Up, 1 x Play/Pause, 1 x Next, 1 x Prev.
Print Size: A4, A5 or Customized print sizes.
Print Solution: All images are supplied in CMYK. eps or CDR file is prefered.
Memory Storage: 128MB to 8GB
Battery: Rechargeable Li-polymer Battery
Battery capacity and play time
250mAh: 50 mins
380mAh: 1.3 hours
500mAh: 1.8 hours
1000mAh: 3 hours
1500mAh: 4 hours
Screen Placement: The screen outline can be moved within the boundary of the card, but must be at least 15mm clear of the edge of the card, the buttons and the USB port.
Speakers: Set Up 8Ohm/2W,  Output: 2W, Maximum Volume: 55dB, Optimum Volume: 40dB, Volume Presets:55 dB (if no volume buttons are selected).
Video Format: avi, MPEG 4, etc.
Splash Screen
Loaded during production so must be supplied on order.
Image Type: Static image
File Type: JPEG
Format: must be pixel size and aspect ratio of screen selected.
Auto start
All units will auto-run when cover is opened, with the splash screen logo. Non auto-run version available withe ON/OFF button.
Connection and Charge port: Mini USB to USB.