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What is LCD Video Brochure Cards

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LCD Video Brochure Cards,Promotional Video Card
  • LCD Video Brochure Cards,Promotional Video Card


The VIDEOCARD or VIDEO BROCHURE CARDS is printed packaging with a micro-thin LCD screen, PCB boards, speakers and rechargeable lithium batteries along with a USB connection that allows for change of video and recharging of the unit.

The LCD VIDEO BROCHURE CARD is superb for presentations, invites, direct marketing advertising and promotions.

Fully portable, the device starts from an ultra slim 6mm and a low 100grams in weight.

The promotional video message can be changed, multiple videos can be loaded onto the hard drive and buttons can be included to play different videos.

There are several hard wear options, such as adding a selection of pause, play, volume buttons as demonstrated here and all Videocards include a built in speaker for high quality audio.

The card is rechargeable via a standard micro USB cable than plug into this socket.

The internal hard drive can be specified to allow video lengths from a few minutes to several hours.

The size of the screen can vary according to the size you require with options ranging from 2.5 inches to 10 inches.

3D and touchscreen is also available.

The screens can also be made into presentation boxes.

In addition to the bespoke Promotional Video Card, the packaging can be customised.

Sometimes promoting your business or product needs a bit of wow factor, a promotional tool that potential clients and customers will be captivated by. And LCD video brochure cards will do just that. It looks like a greeting card; slim and with a fully customizable cover, but open the card up and you are greeted by a screen with your content ready to play.
Cheaper than sending iPad’s to all your potential clients or customers but still delivering as much kudos, a LCD video brochure cards is perfect for giving an in depth look at a new product when simply sending a brochure or web link won’t do. Showing a real estate portfolio, technical details on a new engineering product or the plans for projects of all scales

would be ideal uses for promotional video cards. Previous clients have included Yahoo!, Volkswagen, London 2012 and Ernst and Young to name but a few.

The card itself can be customised by the sender with a choice of screen sizes starting from 2.4 inches up to 10 inches – all micro thin LCD. The playback controls can also be customised with a selection of control pads with full or basic button selection or even a touch screen option. The hard drive in the card is also fully customisable with various sizes

enabling video playback from a few minutes to several hours, perfect if you have several products or an extended presentation that you wish to convery. The control panel can be adapted to this of course, enabling choice of video to watch, rewind and pause as well as full volume controls. All LCD video brochure cards contain a high quality speaker for

clear audio to accompany the video presentation.

Another benefit of the LCD video brochure cards is that it is fully re-usable and re-chargable, with a micro-USB connection to enable the battery to be replenished and the content to be fully refreshed. For conferences or in-house presentations the LCD video brochure card makes a cheaper alternative than buying several costly tablets with the potential to be re-used over and over again. If you simply wish to convery the benefits of your product or service to a big potential client or repeat business partner then LCD video brochure cards demonstrate that you value their participation and that no expense is spared to ensure that you secure their custom.
If you wish to keep the content on the LCD video brochure cards un-changeable then of course this is possible, with the option of locked or un-locked content. If choosing the un-locked option and you wish to change the content you simply connect the card via the micro USB connection and change the content using correctly formatted video.

Further additional options include 3D video and a variety of finishes for the card if you don’t necessarily want artwork or logos on the cover.

Recent clients have indicated that the LCD video brochure cards is a highly effective way to market your brand, product or service. A recent advertising campaign by Soccerex, a football events company, advertising an upcoming event in Rio de Janeiro indicated that the response to their ad campaign using LCD video brochure cards showed a response

rate 300% higher than previous ad campaigns.
When building a more slick, immersive, impressive and inspirational advertising campaign, choosing LCD video brochure cards is an effective weapon in the arsenal.